Lead Jacket in a Pine Box: 2019


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This record is filled with great stories. With hopes that some day we will be able to do short movies from them. There is one on here that is really dear to The Reverend Black Jack McBride's Heart, and that's Jimmy Shuck Corn.

Jimmy Shuck Corn is about what goes on in the mind of an extreme autistic child when faced with everyday life.

We see and act differently then Jimmy Does. His drive is to be stimulated by certain things, and certain things he gets stimulated by when we are all hearing and seeing one thing he is focused on another.

We are currently filming the lead jacket in a pine box movie and we are hoping to have it done by the end of the year. Peace Love and 2 IN THE CHEST


released March 1, 2019

Richard Ornelas AKA Reverend Black Jack McBride. Rachel Barela-Ornelas AKA Velvet De blonko. Lindley Partridge AKA Jameson Jack Coburn. Will Hall AKA Brewster Scolfield Hutchinson. Sammy Ornelas AKA Mary Ella O Sullivan. Other mentions are Durdy Jones from the arizona band Sounds LIke Murder for doing the monk voices on Lead Jacket in a Pine Box. And Last My definitly not least the man who recorded this amazing record. Casey Weaver at Steampunk Audio Labs. And let's not forget The Creator of all things. Thank you for giving us the wisdom and inspiration to do this very cool thing that we do.


all rights reserved



2 IN THE CHEST Mesa, Arizona

Rev, Black Jack McBride
Vocals/Guitar), Velvet De Blonko Drums),
Brewster Scofield Hutchinson(Bass/Vocals) Jameson jack Coburn(Lead Guitar/Vocals)
Mary Ella O Sullivan (Drums & Percussion) Bring Old West History to a very original style of hard rock/metal. with a heavy sound tipping to the likes of Motorhead, Alice N Chains and ZZ-Top, CCR
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Track Name: Lead Jacket in a Pine Box
What does, it profit, a man, if he gains, the world, and loses, his soul

A box, of bullets, in his bag, it’s revenge, he seeks, forgiveness, not a chance

Lead Jacket in a Pine Box

I say, blessed, is a man, that walks a, true step, and turns from, paths that are stained

A man, will die, in a twinkle, of an eye, so watch, you’re step, or catch one and you die

Lead Jacket in a Pine Box

Trapped, in between, the truth, and his pain, what should, he do, he don’t want to die

In, the end, the life, you have lived, will bring, to you, all that you deserve

Lead Jacket in a Pine Box
Track Name: Black Lung
I walk a mile down deep inside into the pit of darkness with no horse to ride
The job i have no one really wants, a candle on my head and a pick in my palms
12 years old I was pickin slate being a driver boy was my next date.
At 15 with pick in his hand 50 tons of rock took the life of my brother sam
Didn’t strike the rock, because i wanted to, i did because i had to
Day after day i work in the dark because of marylou jimmy jack and little tom
When you’re a man no work is fun but its whatcha do to get the job done.
Side by side with the other three there’s all coal miners in this family tree
Another coal car is filled many to go keep swinging the pick until the lunch whistle blows
I cough all the time because of my black lungs, but there no other jobs so I godda swing on
Many men died in those dark mines bringing us all our life supplies.
We should bow our heads and give respect to all the ones that swung a pick and died.
Track Name: Fight
Where do you go, who, do, you, trust
How do you live, money, lies, and, lust
Degrading your fellow man, on a pedestal you sit perched
Cerebral cortex, is where you place your regurg

The plans are set, in motion the wheels turn
Scales have been tipped, all hail the cartel surge
It’s a visual brainwash, foreword we move in line
Like a sheep to the slaughter, your back a bullet, on your face a smile
Fight, fight, fight, fight it
Track Name: Jimmy Shuck Corn
Jimmy shuck corn as the bullets flew, many men dead on that dusty street

He see’s a man drop to the floor, but his shuckin corn don’t miss a beat
As he reaches for another ear, in the distance he hears a scream

He looks into the eyes of the man, hears the train whistle blow off steam
The screams become more understanding, and his everyday smile is displaced

His mother and sister to their knees, but he feels the sun hit his face

His sister trys to embrace him, but the squeak of a door he relates.

An unknown world is where his lives, behind a locked door with no escape.
Track Name: Fury Lucy
Slithering slugs, not to be confused with shaggy rugs
Teeth so sharp, his eyes like glass trebling no way out
Whatcha gonna do -- can’t move be like a drug
He gonna move in, he gonna squash you like a bug

His name is fury lucy… he aint your friend fury lucy

The west aint for city folk, every inch will bite
The sky is up there bright and blue but you can’t see
Your fancy shoes and bank rolls won’t save your life
Your time is short little man his shadows cut just ended your life

His name is fury lucy no he aint your friend
Fury lucy he’ll bring you to your end
Track Name: Un Holyman
There’s a unholy man, that walks this earth, and he will give you everything you want, but there will be a price to pay and you’re going answer for it some day
In this life, they say there’s no rules, but that couldn’t be more wrong
Godda be good to your fellow man that will keep your spirit strong
Chorus: close your eyes and bow your head boy you godda pray.
Walking in the light is good thing let me say
There are evil powers, that rule this world, and they want to take everything away. They make promises of riches and fame but in the end your gonna pay
In this life, they say there’s no rules, but that couldn’t be more wrong
Godda follow the straight and narrow path and that will keep you strong
Chorus: close your eyes and bow your head boy you godda pray.
Walking in the light is good thing let me say
Darkness and death, may seem cool today, it’s no joke playing with your eternity, there aint no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow aint nothing but a pit of pain
In this life, they say there’s no rules, but that couldn’t be more wrong
Godda be good to your fellow man that will keep your spirit strong
Track Name: Reno Gang
Bank robbery always netted big money
But there were a few that wanted even more
Reno gang was look-in to rob a train
They wanted something better a bigger score


The Reno gang saddled up there horses
This job they planned had never been done
Stopping the train in the middle of no where
There days of robbing had just begun

The Reno gang’s reign would come to an end
They were brought to justice & while awaiting trial
A group of vigilantes stormed the jail
Stretched their necks now their dying old style
Track Name: Overland Express
1. From salt lake city, to sacramento, nuthins gonna stop this train.
• Supplies were loaded heavy, horses won’t bare load so the oxen walk this road
2. Dried lake ahead, wagons left to age, to far to go around and round
• With all their mite, through the waist deep muck they move on and on and on the overland stage rolls on
3. To there bellies, the oxen in the mud, and the wagon on its bed,
• After many trips, across that lake, the overland stage rolls on and on and on
4. Although the crew was muddied and tired, to fort ruby they push on.
• But they arrived, at that little ole town, and so did the story of what went on.
5. And the men, with grins from ear to ear; were the first to cross that lake of brown brown brown.
• Oh those men, and the almighty oxen, pulling the overland stage it rolls on and on and on and on……….

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